Valid appId is mandatory. You can use the appId from examples for testing (when we go to production we will provision new appId).

To receive json pass application/json in the header (by default response is xml). You can do it in curl like this:

curl -i -H "Accept: application/json" "{AppID}&location=M5G" -o "xml_output.txt"

Search city

  <adc_database xmlns="">
     <copyright>Copyright 2012</copyright>
     <redistribution>Redistribution Prohibited.</redistribution>
     <citylist us="9" intl="6">
        <location cnt="1" city="Toronto" country="Canada" countryCode="CA" adminArea="Ontario" location="cityId:55488" primaryPostalCode="M5G"/>
        <location cnt="2" city="Toronto" country="Cuba" countryCode="CU" adminArea="Artemisa" location="cityId:119159"/>
        <location cnt="3" city="Toronto" country="United States" countryCode="US" adminArea="Ohio" location="cityId:2237603" primaryPostalCode="43964"/>
        <location cnt="4" city="Toronto" country="Australia" countryCode="AU" adminArea="New South Wales" location="cityId:1031"/>

Get the location_code from the value of primaryPostalCode

Get weather data

Search by Latitude and Longitude (&slat={Latitude}&slon={Longitude})

Search by Location (&location=location_code)

This may be an AccuWeather international location code, a US ZIP Code, or Canadian Postal Code.

English/Metric Units (&metric=unit_code)

  <observationtime>9:56 PM</observationtime>
  <observationtime>9:57 PM</observationtime>

Weather images