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  Semantic Answer Engine – ask.cluuz.com


Take years of natural language processing research, add open source semantic information and content from the likes of wikipedia, package available knowledge into semantic databases, mix in some real-time processing APIs and voilà – you get the real-world most advanced answer engine, ask.cluuz.com.

From movies, through food, to factual, philosophical and subjective questions, cluuz tries to answer based on information available in our knowledge stores and/or real-time information available from the web. Please note that as this is still experimental service so we don’t yet guarantee answers nor performance. Here are some examples:

Factual Questions:

Who is the president of France?

Who is the prime minister of Canada?

What is the capital of Canada?

What country’s capital is Copenhagen?

What is the population of Toronto?

Where is Taj Mahal?

Who is the manager of Arsenal FC?

Who is Roger Federer’s wife?

When was the Battle of Waterloo?

When was Nikola Tesla born?

Who discovered penicillin?

Who was the first man on the Moon?

What is a black hole?

What are the five ring colours of Olympic games?


Some real time API integration examples such as weather, stock, currency conversion etc.

What is the weather like in Toronto?

What is the time in Moscow?

What day was it on 22 November 1985?

100 euros in pounds?

How many dollars is an euro?

How much is one dollar in China?

How many yen can you get for a dollar?

How many pounds can i buy for 100€?


Apple stock price


We have given special attention to the movie vertical. Here are some examples showing the breadth of answers that are based on various open source movie data sources and real-time APIs. (note: APIs support lat/lng, site might not be able to acquire your location in which case default location of Toronto is used)

movies that won oscars

What movie won the best picture in 1985?

Which movie won Academy Award for the best achievement in directing in 2005?

Name the person who received the Oscar for the best director in 2012?

Award winning movies about Vietnam war?

From what movie is the quote show me the money?

Who starred in Melancholia?

Who acted in the Shining?

What movies were directed by Francis Ford Coppola?

What movie is currently playing with Sandra Bullock?

What movies are playing in New York?

Top movies playing in Toronto?

Find me theaters in Toronto?

Find movie theaters nearby?

What’s playing at Cineplex Odeon in Toronto at 8pm?

What horrors are playing at 9pm?

What movies with Sandra Bullock are playing at 9pm?

When does Gravity start

Where can I see Gravity?

Find me comedies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

comedies with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

movies about dogs

movies about Boston mob

best war movies

best sci-fi movies

what movies have tom cruise and aliens?

In what movie is the main character scarlett o’hara?

What were the most popular movies in 1977


We are expanding our deep category semantics into other verticals featured in Poynt and Poynt Enabled such as restaurants (work in progress ..). For example:

great churrasco restaurants in Toronto

where can I get some great hakka food in Markham

where can I get foie gras in Toronto


This research will become standard processing features our our Poynt Enabled SDK in the near future. Answer engine API already exists and if you are interested in pairing it with voice technologies on mobile please let us know by submitting your request through the form at http://dev.sprylogics.com