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Add the power of Local Search to your Mobile App!


Embed a custom local search experience in your App within hours,
and generate a new revenue stream with an easy implementation


Poynt-Enabled is Sprylogics’ flagship product for mobile app developers, Over-the-Top messaging providers, and telecom carriers.


Poynt-Enabled Features:

  • Available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Easy to integrate; takes a few hours to 2 days.
  • Brings integrated Search and Sharing to Mobile Apps.
  • Enables local content search from within any mobile app.
  • Enables sharing of search results without leaving the app.
  • Simple “Swipe to share” action to share anything with friends.
  • Our licensed technology unlocks built-in monetization and revenue share for mobile app developers.
  • Also generates contextual ads by sensing the intent of the conversation, via “Smart Links”, e.g. typing “let’s have a pizza” automatically generates pizza suggestions near where you are.
  • Integrates within an SMS or proprietary messaging stream.
  • Supports any client application (SMS, RCS, OTT, Vertical App), and multi-protocol options (Gtalk, Facebook Messenger, own protocol).
  • Aggregates a variety of popular sources of international and multi-language content, across the most commonly used searched subjects (video, restaurants, movies, coupons, events, businesses, people, weather), and enables users to discover, view, discuss, share movies, restaurants, videos, make reservations, find the lowest gas prices, save with local offers, book events, add to their calendar, etc…without leaving the messaging or mobile app.
  • Seamless integration with your user experience and visual design.

If you would like to experience how our SDK integrates within a messaging application, please download 2ya, our prototype implementation that uses Facebook Messaging.



The Poynt-Enabled Software Development Kit can be quickly integrated into your application to provide messaging, content sharing or searching capabilities. We work with you and share our expertise, having already implemented a variety of integrations, and established commercial terms with multiple local, regional, global and vertical mobile product partners. We can also support new content partners, as owned or operated content.

Contact us now, if you would like access to our SDK.

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